Photo credits: Alexandra Klever, Éric Traoré, Hanna Linkola, Milla Muurimäki, Pirjo Eerola, Stefanie Keenan and Family album.

Apologies to anyone I forgot, please send me your details.



Merja has been capturing the perfect moment with her camera for the past 20 years.

She found her first camera, her grandfather's old, when very young. It was love at first sight!

Traveling the world for seven years while modelling and working with the best talents in fashion photography was the best school for the profession she now acquires.

Besides the photos, she loves paper, the touch and the smell of it. She co-founded the lifestyle magazine Kidd.O in 2013. All 1072 pages done were fantastic journey to learn how to make magazine from scratch, not only small part of the content as usual.

She is now based in Helsinki, Finland.



Contact: hello(ät)merjayeung(dot)fi