CRAFT Book CAMBODIA - my first book!

Two years in Cambodia flew like a hummingbird (feels now some months after returning homeland)! I did many great things with my camera and without. Photographing for SOVRIN Magazine was a great and fashionable deal, teaching photography at Limkokwing University was fun with talented youngsters and giving craft lessons to local kids (at Coconut School and CIAI’s school) gave me so much. With CIAI’s kids i even made a book, CRAFT Book CAMBODIA, the first book ever done by me!

For a Christmas we flew back to Cambodia to get the book out of printing machine and to have a great launch party with CIAI’s children. It was so much fun!

More about the party can be found from this LINK.

+ Without Mari Vehkalahti and Saara Ikäläinen the book would be just a pile of words and photos. Thank you ladies!!!