5$ Photo Marathon

Sometimes here, in Cambodia, you do things you don't do so often (or never before), like a Photo Marathon at the Christmas Fair. Last Sunday we, Yulianna and me , got up early and drove to Canadian School to be part of WIG's annual Christmas Fair.

Beforehand we did some example images with Yulianna's lovely family. Got big things printed out, made some flyers, made set plans, bought balloons and stuff...

Big day was busy. Loads of great families, sometimes even lining up, to be photographed. Well, i would've done same for 5$ per edited image!

Long and fun day in good company, absolutely YES.

BUT, what i did not think of was amount of the photos people ordered. My poor BUTT was stuck front of computer for four days. It's very, very flat at the moment.

We ended up 115$ each after expenses. Hour rate i don't even wanna calculate but for sure it is still more than average money spent daily per person (2$) in Cambodia.

No complaining.