Dancer in the Dark

What a great looking party was going on at Java Creative Café, 11.8.12017, in Phnom Penh! And what did I do? Was eating all happily smoked salmon in Finland! Silly me!

Young and very talented designer Chang Shanghai had an exhibition at Java Toul Kork showing his designs and photos taken by me.

Last spring I asked Shanghai if I could take some photos of his designs just for fun (photographing if unquestionably fun if something!). Lucky me, he said yesyesyes.

He packed the clothes and I called my very favorite Yulianna to model for us.

For the location I chose, of course, the one and only Olympic Stadion of Phnom Penh.

Great day!

As I can see, once again, it is always worth of doing things just for fun!


More about the exhibition you can find in this news clip to CLIK, clip about Shanghai is HERE and more images can be found from HERE.


Lucky us, Yulianna and me, we came back to Phnom Penh just a few days before exhibition’s closing date. It was great to see it!


Java Creative Café is showing new exhibition by now. It looks good too so go and check it out as well!

Java Creative Café, Toul Kork, 20A, Street 337, Phnom Penh


And most of all:

Thank you so much Shanghai Chang and Yulianna Bellini for your great creativity!


Photos under are taken by Yulianna, Shanghai, Yulianna's daughter, my son and me.